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Monday, October 16, 2006

An Introduction to your host

I'm sitting here, trying to figure out how to start this whole blog commentary thing.

I guess an introduction is in order first. You can call me Rookster. I'm a rookie to blogs, commentary, and all things political. Before a couple years ago, I was willfully oblivious to the political world. As long as the corruption didn't get too out of hand, I was more than happy to just lightly research the issues that interested me, and vote for the candidate that fit my needs the most.

I'm what you could call a Centrist, Centralist, True Moderate, whatever term floats your boat. I have my own stand on many issues that just do not fit into any of the "organized" political parties. Some examples are (in alphabetical order):

Abortion - Pro Choice (Just be prepared to pay the consequences of your actions before God.)

Drug Use - Legalize it (Regulate it like you do alcohol. Just be sure to enforce it this time.)

Gambling - Pro Gambling (Just tax it out the wahzoo, and put the money to good use.)

Immigration - Tightly controlled and ENFORCED.

Prayer in Schools - If the student or teacher wants to pray, let them.

Prostitution - Legalize it (And tax it out whatever orifice you care to utilize.)

War in Iraq - My approval does not matter in the least. We're there. Stop screwing around and win it.

War on Terror - We must win this at all costs. (Note, this is not the same as Iraq.)

My personal opinion, is that moderates can no longer be heard in the political process. The rants and raves of the fundamentalists, the radicals, have drowned out the calmer, reasonable tones of the moderates. If you want to be heard these days, you have to scream. You have to take your points to the extremes of the spectrum in order for people to even consider that you might have a point. Polite disagreement has gone the way of the DoDo bird. It's now to the point where people have to insult your opinion, you, and your ancestry for you or anybody else to listen to what is being said. And that is a truely lamentable loss.

My thoughts on the greatest ill facing the world today? Believe it or not, it's not terrorism. It's not global warming. It's not Radical Islam. It's Political Correctness. This absurd mindset will destroy the world as we know it today. It will destroy your freedoms, and the world your children must live in. Something we have to ask ourselves is. Will being politically correct give my child a better world to live in? Taking the extreme measures of today into account, can you honestly answer that question with "yes"?


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