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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What exactly do we expect the Border Patrol to do? statement re compean and ramos conviction.pdf

Agents Ramos and Compean are scheduled to be sentenced for a total of fifteen felony charges resulting from their attempt to apprehend a drug smuggler in the El Paso area. Let's repeat that one again, because some people have trouble believing it isn't a mistake. Two Border Patrol agents were convicted of fifteen felony charges on the word of an illegal alien who was also smuggling drugs into the United States.

Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot!?!?

The criminal is also suing the Border Patrol for five million dollars for violation of his "civil rights".

Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot!?!?

What civil rights would those be? He's a drug smuggler, and he's not a citizen of the United States. I guarantee you that the moment a citizen of the United States enters Mexico, their "civil rights" fly right out the window. But "political correctness" (see previous post for my opinion on that) dictate that we extend non-existant rights to undeserving people for some reason.

So what do we reward these two agents with for doing their job? We make them convicted criminals. The illegal in question, fled from lawful legal detainment. He assaulted one of the agents and continued running. He was toting up to one million dollars worth of drugs in the back of his van. According to testimony from the other agent. He appeared to be armed. He fled the country to escape justice and we're going to ALLOW him to use our courts to cripple our border security.

Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot!?!?

These two agents are guilty of failing to file a report regarding the discharge of their firearms. Firearms utilized in the attempt to enforce the law in our country. The agents failed to follow the "No Pursuit" procedure in dealing with a fleeing illegal alien. The illegal alien in question has since been caught smuggling drugs into the United States AGAIN. He was detained, allowed to testify against the agents in question, and released to go his merry way. The immunity he was given in the first case did not extend to the second drug smuggling attempt. But we let him go anyways.

Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot!?!?

Okay, the agents screwed up. They failed to follow multiple procedures in dealing with this incident. Discipline them. Official reprimand, suspension, or even termination for failing to follow said procedures. I've got no problem with that. Convict them of fifteen felony charges?

Whisk... Forget it. There's too many WTF moments in this story to keep that up.

The illegal alien was allegedly coached through his testimony by a childhood friend, who just happened to be a Border Patrol agent himself. One with suspected ties to the drug cartels of Mexico. Let's process that for a moment. A potential corrupt agent, is helping a known drug smuggler through the legal process to convict the agents that stopped a million dollar shipment of drugs into the United states? A potential corrupt agent is helping a known drug smuggler through the legal process to sue the Border Patrol for five million dollars because non-existent civil rights were violated in the attempt to apprehend him for being in the country illegally, and attempting to smuggle one million dollars worth of drugs into he United States?

I see holes large enough to drive jumbo jets through in this case. It should have never gone to trial in the first place. The defendants were performing their sworn duties. Yes they violated PROCEDURES, but in my opinion committed no criminal acts. The accuser has EVERY reason to lie. Revenge, financial gain, immunity from criminal acts. Take your choice.

Once we were stupid enough to let this come to trial. It should have never taken place in a border city. The potential for the jury to be biased is far too great.

Once the trial started, we should never have taken the word of a known criminal over the word of two agents who swore oaths to uphold the laws of our country.

Once we were stupid enough to convict sworn law enforcement agents, the sentencing phase should have been put on hold while the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT went forward with their investigation of the incident. But it looks like these two men will be sentenced today or tomorrow.

Blame America first people! It's the popular thing to do. When the system finishes it's complete and total failure to function. We'll really be able to blame ourselves. Because we let it happen.


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